When I was 15, I saw my GP has I had lost a tampon. The male GP vaginally examined me without offering a chaperone and without any gloves.

5 years that same GP refused to allow me to access the implant contraception, not based on medical reasons but because he thought I was irresponsible.

When I was 17, my male driving instructor used to had my had, touch my thigh and kiss my hand. Told mum and dad which resulted in dad standing outside the house at the end of my lesson. However, when he called asking if I wanted to book another block of lessons, I told my parents that I didn’t want to speak to him but they made me speak to him.

At Uni, a man smacked my bum so hard I cannot describe how painful it was. Another time, a man wanted to kiss me but I said no. When I turned around he trier to shoved me down the stairs.

I have have my breasts touched, shoulders massaged and personal spaced invaded at work. I have been asked repeatedly out for dinner by a senior colleague to the point I avoided meetings with him. When my colleague told my boss and spoke to him about it, he refused to speak to me again. Had a doctor say he would cover a night shift if I left a rose for him in the on call room.

I have been denied the opportunity to apply for a promotion at work due to being on maternity leave (it was advertised internally only).