Anon Student UK (15)

Thought I’d share because it may seem minor to some, but things like this, no matter how “little” they seem, are important to shed light on.

Where: in geography class. Our school is a bit nonsensical and sexist when it comes to seating and has a “boy, girl, boy, girl” policy. So I sit next to a boy who won’t be named for obvious reasons. I’m used to the usual “lad” bullshit, and so are the other girls. But anyway, on Monday last week, the boy who sits next to me begins talking to a boy on the row behind us, someone I’ve actually known for years. They begin to discuss one of the trips they went on the year before, a totally normal conversation. Suddenly, the focus strays onto a female teacher, who happens to be one of the physics teachers. They begin to talk about how she was “flirting” with one or two of the male teachers on the trip, and then began calling her dress “slutty,” asking one another how “slutty” the dress was, and then proceeding to rate this woman out of 10 on her appearance. All while I, someone these people are otherwise perfectly okay with, sit there right next to them along with 3 other girls. They speak like that in front of another female freely, knowing there are no repercussions for their sexist behaviour and language.
Fast forward to today, and they start it again. We were all moved into our new science sets in the morning, so we were all asking each other how we did and whether or not we were doing separate sciences. I asked the boy behind us (same boy as last week) what new science teachers he had. He told me, and then began to talk to the boy next to me again, the conversation then turning to a teacher they wanted for chemistry. Why? Because they thought she was eye candy. “I’d just spend the whole lesson looking at her tits and arse,” and then, “let’s be honest, we’d never get any work done in her lesson.” Direct quotes. Sitting there, speaking like this, right in front of me.
Just to put this in perspective with some context – in a school in the UK, in the year 2017, these two boys are 14 and 15. Misogyny begins early. Please, if you have children, it’s vital you teach them respect and act as a role model from an early age.