My friend text me just over a week ago panicking – She didn’t tell me why straight away, but kept repeating that she “didnt mean to” and that her boyfriend “is going to hate [her]”. I found out the next day that she had been raped by her ex.

He had randomly text her (knowing she has a boyfriend) asking her to meet him. She had debated for about an hour to go or not before going, and I dont know what happened until it happened. She kept telling him “no” and “I dont want to” and “stop it”, but he just said “I dont care” and “i love you”. Their relationship had been very manipulative, towards my friend, and she had sort of convinced herself that he was telling the truth.

She told me that she “shouldnt have worn such a low cut top” and that she “must’ve looked like a slut” and how she thought it was her fault and that her boyfriend would hate her because she had “cheated”. I just kept telling her that it wasnt cheating cause she didnt want it, it wasnt her fault, hes a d*ck, etc…

She still hasnt told her boyfriend because her mom told her that he would dump her if he found out. Her ex’s mom is a teacher in school, which doesnt help, and she keeps saying that she’s lying about it being rape because her son “wouldnt do that”. The police have said he probably wont get charged because he’s only 17 (she’s also 17), but I looked into it and he could get up to 8 years (because there was an aggravating factor) – they just cant be bothered to sort out another young girl. Her mom sent her to her dads, because it was too stressful for her, without even considering my friends feelings. I’m the only one that knows who isnt her family, the police, or her ex’s family.

The main points from this are:
– A girl was raped, but the police dont really care.
– She is blaming it on what she wore, not the person, because of what others have said.
– She wont tell her boyfriend because she thinks it was her fault.

This isnt okay.