Firstly, I think it’s so wonderful that this project exists. Thank you.

Secondly, I can not possibly remember the countless times I have been sexually harrassed in my life, but I tried to tick all locations that I remembered something like this happening.

I just wanted to share my newest approach in dealing with sexist men: Whenever a guy tries to objectify me by staring at me with an open mouth, cat calling me etc., I simply try to emit the same disgusting, masculine, and aggressive energy that they do.

I do that by asking them things like “You want me to finger you pink tight asshole?”, making a jerking-off motion or grabbing my own tits. I feel like this in their minds lifts me up from being a passive woman to another “alpha” they have to compete with. I also like to think that it’s nice to show them that we are sexual beings too and can be a 100% in charge of our sexuality (femininity‚Ȇsubmissiveness). Plus it’s super fun seeing their idiotic faces switching from horny to absolutely disgusted in a split second.

I love you all, stay strong and own your bodies <3