So frequently I see and hear degrading language towards women in real life and online. If I try to find adult sexual material for enjoyment it is violent, disturbing and aggressive. The girl is always degraded and abused. Online forums and social media are full of disgusting comments about women being sluts/hoars and of discussions about dominance towards women. MGTOW, Youtube and Reddit constantly have aggressive language towards women. I had one male friend on xbox live who is married with children make sexual comments towards me repeatedly saying that he had masturbated over my picture. I dress plain and avoid attention in life just as an attempt to be treated as a human being and not a sex object. I am a virgin and actually avoid relationships because I feel that they are never equal and I am expected to fulfill some subservient female role being protected and having to be a mother and housewife when I don’t want to be. I am expected to babysit my nephew and my sister gets mad at me if I don’t even though I’m 34, childless and have OCD. My family expect me to help because I am a girl but I don’t want to be a child rearer. People constantly suggest I be a teacher because I am a woman when I don’t like standing up in front of groups of people let alone children. I constantly get pressure for refusing to focus on my appearance but I don’t want to be talked about the way I hear make friends talk about women as just objects to use and creatures just to be subservient to them. I just want to be an equal. I constantly get ‘helpful’ concern over the fact that I am single and 34 by people who seem to think that I can’t possibly take care of myself as a woman without a man and I fear not getting job interviews for not wanting to wear makeup. Everywhere I go everyone expects me to be this idea of a woman that I am not. I’m somewhere in the middle. Not girly but not boyish (tomboyish) and I feel female but no one accepts that I am not the traditional girl. I use gender neutral profiles online and avoid putting pictures just to escape the sexual obsession of men and the degrading behaviour and people always assume that they are talking to a man anyway. It’s tiring to have the whole world expect you to be someone else.