– a co worker 13 years older than me told me with no prompting that he “likes big women” and looked me up and down. I was 18 and in a committed relationship.

– my mother told me its not an issue when 50 year old men at work flirt with me and tell me to “smile”. I was 18.

– a man followed me and my mother back to our hotel in a country thousands of miles from home, he only stopped when a man we knew met us on our way back. I was 10.

– I told a guy I was a lesbian (it was a phase but still valid) he looked me up and down and said “I still would”. I was 16.

– the librarian in my high school told me to not wear a skirt because “no one wants to see your flabby thighs”. I was 15.

– more people than I can could told me before I was 16 that my shorts and skirts were too short

– my sister and I walked down the street, both wearing shorts in 25 degree heat, a white van drove past and honked, we flipped him off, he circled the block and drove past us again to scare us. I was 12.

– a man 21 years older than me stayed on the phone to me for 2 hours at work (call centre) calling me every name under the sun and telling me repeatedly he was flirting with me. he even looked up my office while on the phone and went through it all on google maps. I am not allowed to end the call.

– a was 15, I went on my first date, I wore a nice blouse and some floral boots. my date told me I looked “like a lesbian” when he got on the bus to leave the bus drover told me I have a “nice rack” my date saw no issue in that

– a stranger on tinder messages me a vile sexual comment about what he wishes to do to me. His comment is the same as a hundred others.

– I get out of the shower to find a message from a boy at school. He’s asking to finger me because he heard I’m not a virgin. I was. I had never spoken to him before. I was 14.